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A massive congratulations to A Star pupil, Jessica, for achieving a 9, the highest grade possible, in the new GCSE maths, awarded to only the top 3.5% of the country! Jessica was also one of two A Star pupils to achieve A* grades in GCSE sciences, with 100% of the UMS in her Unit 3 chemistry exam and 98% of the UMS in her Unit 3 biology exam. Jessica is now embarking on her study for A levels in chemistry, biology, maths and RS, with a view to study Medicine in the future.
If you have reserved a place for tuition, spaces will be available from 17th June and we will be contacting you shortly. If you've not made a reservation, but would like to enquire about a place, please contact Louisa using the contact form on this website, giving name of pupil, school, subject requiring tuition and school year.
As always, new syllabuses bring new challenges and 9-1 maths is no exception. With an increase in content and more rigorous examination questions, excellent preparation is essential and sufficient exam style question practise, along with thorough teaching of topics can ensure success in these exams. This summer will be the first examination of this syllabus. Grades 8 and 9 will be awarded to replace the old A*, Grade 7 will be equivalent to an A grade and a 5, equivalent to a high C/low B, will be the new 'good pass'. A Star Tutoring is presently busy preparing students for their exams this summer and is also still available to tutor re-sit GCSE maths for the old syllabus, which is available for the final sitting this summer to students who have already taken their maths exams in previous years.
Many of our students are now preparing for mock exams. These are very important, not only for practice at the 'real thing', but also to identify areas of real difficulty and gaps in understanding and knowledge. If you know your areas of weakness, then you know where you need to focus your work to improve and that is where a personal tutor can be invaluable to explain topics and give tips on how to answer exam questions for maximum marks. Mocks also help your teachers to decide whether to enter you for higher, or foundation level papers, which can lead to disappointment if this restricts the highest grade you can possibly achieve.
Don't think that mock exams are not as important as the exams which count towards your final grade, as mocks are stepping stones to the grade that you want to achieve and are an opportunity not to be wasted. Organise all the work you have done so far and don't leave your revision too late. Anything you don't understand ASK your teacher, or private tutor.. There are no stupid questions, only the ones you wished you'd asked with hindsight. Above all, practise as many questions as you can lay your hands on and ask a teacher, or private tutor to go over all your answers and the mark schemes with you. This is where your private tutor can give you the time and individual attention to explain points thoroughly and ensure full understanding of the maths and science, motivating you towards your success!
Well done to our A Level maths students who received their results today. Lots of hard work and commitment in tutoring sessions and completing work set for practise at past exam papers has really paid off. Wishing you the best of success in your future studies at university.
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Make the most of the summer holidays to catch up on your learning.. If you've been struggling with maths, physics, chemistry, or biology at school, don't leave it until September to do something about it. Now, is valuable time. If you have GCSE's or A Levels looming next year, don't leave all your hard work until the last minute as your chances of success are greater if you plan ahead and make sure you understand material as you go along so you are fluent in it by exam time. Ask about our special discounts for block bookings over summer.
Great news for all our A Star Science and Maths Tutoring fans, we have a new website. You can now read up on our latest science and maths tutoring news, see what previous customers have had to say about our private tutors, view our gallery and contact us with just the click of a button.